First Remote-controlled trench compactor for the Rental industry


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Talisman Hire Wadeville has become the first Tool hire company in the country to acquire a remote-controlled articulated roller, designed specifically for trench compaction.

The ARR 1575 is an articulated trench roller that provides perfect ground contact and optimal compaction. The machine and its padfoot drum provide results, even where other compactors have failed. Its ability to work in cohesive soils can prevent the need for soil removal and replacement, providing a significant financial impact. Two steering cylinders help make the ARR 1575 responsive and precise, while the oscillation feature provides excellent stability on uneven surface of a ditch.

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Morné Venter of Talisman Wadeville says that apart from the obvious safety benefit of having the remote-controlled roller in the trenches, the rental opportunity provided by Talisman Hire Wadeville will allow contractors to dramatically speed-up trench compaction work and provide their own customers with superior compaction results. The Two different settings of amplitudes and compaction performance also enable varied machine usage on constructions sites.

Safety first

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“We purchased this machine to address the need for faster, safer trench compaction and to eliminate the need for multiple workers in dangerous deep excavations. In terms of productivity, it easily replaces a dozen or more men using rammers and the quality of compaction is simply incomparable.

“For example, where the standard width of rammers is in the region of 300mm and achieve up to 12Kn of compaction force, the padfoot rollers of the Ammann ARR1575 with a width of 850mm can achieve up to 75Kn of compaction force with great accuracy. A clearly visible compaction level indicator also gives the operator a visual representation of compaction progress and eliminates the risk of over compaction thus saving time.

“Trench rollers, also called multipurpose compactors, perform well in cohesive soil types, such as clays, that can be very difficult to compact. The ARR 1575 is able to overcome the high moisture content in clays through their extreme compaction energy and the kneading effect of their padfoot drums. The machines perform effectively and quickly on less challenging soils, too.

“In certain regions clay and other poor soil conditions require the soil excavated from a trench to be discarded and more suitable fill-material to be trucked in. With the clever compaction ability of the Ammann ARR1575 this is not required as the compaction happens at soil particle level and padfoot breaks the bonds that usually prevent clay soils from compacting uniformly and ‘bouncing back’. This on its own can save hundreds of thousands of Rands on a project by eliminating the need to replace the excavated materials.”

Impressive machine

Beneath its compact size and brightly painted exterior, the Ammann ARR1575 is a robust and powerful machine that can claw its way through rough terrain and even survive a trench collapse with minimum or no damage caused. Its 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine provides more than enough torque and power to climb over uneven and loose ground and its ability to articulate midbody allows it to always remain in contact with the soil.

Two steering cylinders help make the ARR 1575 responsive and precise, while the extended drum width and low centre of gravity provides excellent stability on uneven surfaces. This provides faster more seamless operation which combined with its high compaction output that allows faster compaction of thicker layers in fewer passes can dramatically shorten compaction times.

Ergonomics are kept simple yet effective with Intuitive remote control that can be operated at a safe distance. The infra-red remote control is also built with safety in mind and the operator must at all times have direct visibility of the machine to operate it. Solar power cells on the remote control increases the battery life of the remote to last for days and in the event that 24-hour operation is required the battery can be charged up quickly or the machine can be operated via an umbilical cord.

Rental opportunities

Although the Ammann ARR1575 is specifically designed for trench compaction, the manufacturers also recommend it for pipeline construction, social and industrial development areas, structure backfill work, confined workspaces, airport construction, electrical cable laying, dumpsite construction and for compaction of road subbases.

“We choose our equipment from the best suppliers and those who are able to properly support our machines and enable us to keep them running and available around the clock.

“ELB Equipment is exemplary in this regard and we have bought many machines from them in the past 11 years since opening our doors. The company only sells quality equipment and backs it up with great spares availability and top-class field services and support. They also understand the Tool hire business and are able to provide input and opportunities that allows us to remain ahead of the game,” says Morne.

ELB Equipment as the local distributor in South Africa of Ammann/Rammax, who invented the trench roller product more than 40 years ago, and benchmarks have always been set to improve efficiencies. Today, Ammann is the only manufacturer to still offer both articulated and skid-steered trench rollers. The longevity of the product line and the continuation of the versions prove Ammann’s commitment to this market.

Better option

“Through Talisman Hire Wadeville offerings of machines like the Ammann ARR1575 and other innovative solutions we enable our customers to use the latest and best equipment, ensuring customer profitability through faster completion of projects without the capital expense and maintenance. In many instances rental is a better choice, especially where machines are not constantly working and need to be parked while other jobs are taking place,” he concludes.

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